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    Greater Love Missionary Baptist Church History

Greater Love came into being when God spoke to me the third time. He had spoken to me twice before, and I had refused to do it.

His words were, “Get those people back together and get that church back.” After sending out letters to all the people, we had 42 people respond. We met at the YMCA in Piqua, Ohio.  

At that meeting, a motion was made that we would meet again. We met at Cyrene A.M.E. Church in Piqua, Ohio. We had fewer people to come out this time.

The next meeting was held in the Hamilton’s home. At that meeting, Bro. Hamilton made a motion that we keep the fellowship going. The motion passed.

At the next meeting a week later, Bro. Hamilton made a motion that we start a church. There were 8 people at this meeting. Their names are: Bro. Larry Hamilton, Sis. Linda Hamilton, Bro. I. D. Graves, Sis. Donna Basil, Sis. Juanita Basil, Sis. Becky Murray, Bro. Gary Franklin, and Rev. Floyd Murray.

That Monday Rev. Murray went to the attorney to put in for a charter from the State of Ohio. During this time, Rev. Murray was talking to Rev. David Kates, who said, ”I’ve always wanted to start a church and call its name Greater Love. ” I said, “Thank You.” I brought the name to the group at the next meeting, and they voted to use it temporarily. It has been our name ever since.

We held our first church service on the first Sunday of May in 1999.
One year later we purchased the building at 320 Park Avenue, Piqua, Ohio.
We moved into the building the first Sunday in August of 2000.

There have been many renovations since that time to the building. As of today, we have celebrated our 12th anniversary.