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Rev. Floyd Murray's Story
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                          Rev. Floyd Murray's Story


                                                REV. FLOYD MURRAY

The first experience that I had with Christ was when I was nine years old. My friend had died in the Harlem River about a month and half before I got into trouble in the river.

I believe, most of our mothers had told us not to go near the river to play. I know mine had. Yet, it seems to be the thing that we wanted to do the most. I pulled my clothes off and was playing on the last step with legs in the water kicking. I didn’t know how to swim.

I was really surprised when the current pulled me away from the step. I went under and I knew that I was in trouble.

My friends on the bank were running along keeping up with me. I heard them call to the boat that was passing by to get me. Their words were, “hey master will you get that little boy?”

When I first went down, I heard a voice saying, “The Devil is going to get you. Your mother told you not to come down to the river.” I began to struggle to keep from drowning.

But by the time the boat came along, I had been in the water for awhile. I was between two worlds. I heard someone calling me. The voice said, “Brother wake up, Brother wake up.” I didn’t want to wake up, because I was enjoying this dream. But, I knew that whoever it was that was calling me would not stop until I woke up.

That day was the brightest that I had ever seen. I decided to wake up. In this world, I knew that everyone would call me dead. But I was not going to die; I was just going to wake up in the real world. Just as I was ready to wake up, two men, who happened to be white, touched me, and I went back to sleep in that world. When they got me to the hospital, they began to put something down my throat to make me gag and throw up the water. They told me later that I was unconscious all the while. Then I understood why no one would listen to me. I had tried to talk to my mother and father when they came into the room, but they wouldn’t listen to me. I spent two weeks in the hospital.

When I first got out of the hospital, I thought about the voice that had told me to wake up. I knew the voice. I knew the person that was talking to me, but I could not have told you His name.

The second encounter happen when I was in Viet Nam. I was in the bunker with some of the guys. I was not on duty, but it was a good place to hang out. I had a fifth of Beefeaters gin, which I drank before I left the bunker. When I came out of the bunker, I felt two hands lock onto my shoulders. I could not turn to the left or right, because the hands were too strong. I could only go straight ahead. I soon realized that in front of me was a tent that had been set up for a chapel. I seemed to have no choice but to go in. I suppose now that I could have stopped walking, but I didn’t. Once inside I realized how dark it was in there. I could barely see a little cross sitting on a table in front of me. I was confused as to how or why I was in there. Then it was like someone started to speak to me. All of this was in my mind. The voice said,” Since you are in here, and you can’t go anywhere, why don’t you just say a prayer?” My response was pray to who? The voice then said, “Well! You know how you are, but can’t you say a prayer for your brother and sisters back home.” I believe that I was weak for this, because I decided Yes, I’ll do that. When I went to bend my knee, the little cross on the table lit up instantly. The light was so bright that I froze. I could see everything in the tent. Then the light started go out real slow. When the light was out, I didn’t feel the hands on my shoulders anymore. I started to back up. When I felt the wind on my back, I took off running for my tent. I was cold sober. That night when I lay down and went to sleep, Christ came to my bedside. He was standing behind me. He said, “Don’t try to look at me.” That is all that I remember Him saying. The next morning when I was shaving, another voice spoke to me, and it said, “Don’t be a fool, you know that you were drunk last night, and you hallucinated.” I said, “yea, that’s right.” I did not think about this again for maybe three years.

It was in the spring or summer of 1968 that I had come home from work, and I lay across my bed to get a nap. I had a dream, I think. I will call it a dream because when I came to myself I was still on the bed. In this dream, a friend of mine came to the house, and I got up and let him in. He had a reefer that he wanted me to try. This was the best reefer that I had ever had. I told him,” Let’s go over to Eddie’s house and let him try some of this. I lived on the third floor of the apartment building. When we got downstairs to the front door, I stepped outside. I looked up and there Christ was hanging on a cross. He and the cross seem to be made out of granite. I don’t know how or why I thought it was granite. I saw Him turn His head and look at me. I fell on my knees and said, “Lord use me.” He said, “I told you that I would show you all of my disciples in water.” I remember thinking there is no water around here. It was a bright and sunny day. Then I looked to my left, it was as if it had been raining, and all the water had dried up except for this one little puddle. This puddle became a window, and one by one the apostles passed by the window and looked at me. None of them seemed to think much of me. When this had ended, I found myself on my bed. I got up quickly and left the house. When I got to the front door, I stopped and peeked out to make sure that Christ was not there. I ran around the corner to the phone booth and called my girl friend’s sister since she was always talking about Jesus. I told her to tell Jesus to leave me alone. She said, “Floyd the Lord is calling you.” I hung up the phone on her. I went across town and got me some reefer and did not think about this again until I was in Columbus, Ohio.

After moving to Columbus, I bought a house a year after I was there. The last two weeks of 1969 it started. I would awaken at what seemed like one or two o’clock in the morning, and Christ would be standing at the foot of my bed. I would think, “Oh that’s Christ”, and I would go back to sleep and have the best rest ever. The next morning I would awake and go to pieces when I thought about what had happened. After two weeks of this, one evening I went down into my basement with a bible in my hand. I sat in one chair and told Christ, “If you are really real, I want you to sit across from me in that chair and tell me what it is that you want.” A voice spoke in my mind and said, “You don’t want me to sit in that chair across from you.” The way it was said I knew that I didn’t want Him to sit across from me. The next morning I went on a three day fast. I did not know that it would be a three day fast when I started.

The next day, which was Friday. I went to sleep that night and dreamed that I was in a church, and the preacher of that church was more interested in how much money he could get from the people than he was in what kind of relationship that they had with Christ. These officers of the church were cashing people’s checks and asking them how much money were they going to leave with the church. It seemed that I had my pay check with me, so I asked if they would cash my check. The preached told me yes, and he wanted to know how much of it was I going to leave with the church. I told him not a penny. There was a well dressed black man sitting on the pew where I had been sitting. He kept nodding his head as if to tell me not to stop but to keep going. The more He did this the more hyper I became. I woke up. I had been fasting that day and would continue for the next two days. That Sunday as I was preparing to go to church my brother-in-law had his hand in the air to knock on my door when I opened it. He looked at me real strange because everyone that knew me knew that I would never go to church. He asked me where I was going. I told him that I was going to church. He asked me which one. I told him that I was going to Mt Herman. He told me that there was a church closer. He told me where it was on Cleveland Ave. When I arrived at the church and went in, I was shocked. It was the same church that I had dreamed about two days earlier. I told my wife how this was the same church that I had seen. The only difference was that there was a black man sitting on this pew and of course she was not. I had sat on the inside, so that she was not between me and the end of the pew. I observed everything that was going on in this church. I told her in the dream the preacher was a light skinned man. After a time, the church filled up and no one sat on the pew with us. We were on the second pew from the back. The pews in front and behind us filled up, but no one sat on the pew with us. In the dream before I woke up, I was told that the black man sitting on the pew with me was Christ. This was one of the reasons I was so shocked by this church. Finally, the pastor came out and he was a light skinned man and a dark skinned man came in and sat on the end of the pew from me. I watched this man throughout the service until they took an offering. The way they had us to come around put me about two feet from him. When I got to the table where you put your money, I had to take my eyes off of him to see where to put my dollar bill. I glanced down and when I looked up again he was gone. I look around quickly trying to find him. I saw the back part of a man’s leg on the other side of the church going out the door with the same color of suit. There was no way that anyone could have gotten that far that quickly.

The next Sunday I went back to this church but without my wife. Near the end of the service, the preacher asked if there was anyone that wanted to be saved. I raised my hand. He told me to come up where he was. I was so sorry that I had raised my hand. I didn’t want to get up in front of all these people. But, I felt I had no choice. I went up front and stood before the preacher. He told me to raise my hands to God. I thought, “this man is crazy.” He then put his hand on my forehead and began to pray. I felt him put his hands into mine. He began to squeeze my hands. I start to resist, because he was going to hurt my hands. He was so much stronger than I was. I knew I could not win a fight with this man. But, I had made up my mind that when he let go of my hand I was going to try to knock him out. I couldn’t get my eyes open. I finally got my eyes open and the preacher was nowhere near me. But, someone was still squeezing my hands. Then I knew the truth. God was stronger than me.

That was the day that I was born again. I was told later that I spoke in tongues that day and danced. The truth is the lady that was telling me this said to me, “You should have been there the day you got saved.” I couldn’t believe that she said that to me.

In 1979, I was living in Ft. Recovery, Ohio. I had been trying to find in the Word where it would tell me what was in the cup at the last supper. I believed that there was wine in the cup, but I could not prove it.

That night I was lying on my bed thinking about out of body travel. I believe I was able to get outside my body and still live. The third time that I tried this I was taken by what seemed like a vacuum suction. I was traveling at what I thought was the speed of light. I seemed to be going through a tunnel. When I came to a stop, I was standing before Christ. His aura was beautiful. I found myself on the floor looking for a crack to crawl into. I did not find one. Christ had not said one word to me. I suppose He was watching me make a fool out of myself. He finally spoke to me. His voice had the tone of a parent that was tired of telling a child the same thing over and over again. He said, “Preach the gospel, run, don’t tarry preach the gospel.” I wanted to leave immediately. As I was on my way back to my body, He put His right arm around my shoulder, and said, “There indeed was wine in the cup, but the wine profited them nothing, it was the water in the wine that profited them. Water is the basis of wine, water is the basis of my blood, this is the New Testament that is in my blood.” I was back in my body. I had the bible next to my bed, so I opened it and read, “And they pierce him in his side and forthwith came blood and water.” I did not turn the page; it was where I opened the bible to.

I have had dreams where I was shown things, but I did not include these.

May God bless the one who reads this and understands.